1-2-1 Personal Training is the safest, most effective way to train and achieve your goals.


At Power House, there are 3 main ways we train your physical and mental capabilities:


  • Boxing for fitness - we use pad work to teach you punch combinations and incorporate body weight exercises for a full body strength and cardio session. Leaving you feeling powerful and ready to take on anything!


  • Body weight circuits - with every circuit being different, we specifically choose low-impact, high-intensity exercises to build strength and promote freedom of movement. We find an entry point for everyone and will have you smashing circuits you thought you couldn't.

  • Weight training - we safely progress through building your stability foundation to increasing muscle mass and strength.


Depending on where you want to train, we use a combination of at least two of these training methods. No two sessions will ever be the same and they're all designed to push you. We find your entry point and as your strength and fitness increase, so does the session intensity. The goal isn't mastery, it's continued development.   


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